About Blade Pile (The Innovative Screw Pile)

The Blade Pile Group is now recognised internationally as a World Leader in residential piling products and foundation systems. The innovations, inventions and Patents owned and operated within the Group represent ‘World First’ in new foundation technology.

The added financial power of our companies ensures that, the Blade Pile Group is able to deliver its Blade Pile & Blade Slab Systems, at a level that has not existed before within the traditional piling and foundation manufacturing, contracting and services industries.

The Blade Pile Group contracts its services to the highest standards within all OH&S, Building Codes and Building Standards. All Blade Pile products and systems are independently tested and certified by Australia’s leading Engineers and Universities.

The Blade Pile Group mission is simple!

We aim to provide the highest quality, best performing foundations products and systems, with a level of service, supply and installation not seen before. At a price that is both affordable and at last, transparent!